Jack the Ripper, and for the price of a Cup of Coffee!


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Based on a True Story

Imagine suddenly discovering horrible secrets about yourself, of inconceivable evil origins. Determined to learn the truth, setting out on a quest, seeking answers to all the questions which have haunted you from the very beginning, and by the very monster responsible for them all: Dr. H.H. Holmes - Great Great Grandfather. 

"Crime writers reserve the word monster for top-notch murderers. A monster ranks above such lesser criminals as fiends, beasts, and phantoms. He must meet certain rigid requirements. His victims, killed over a period of years and not for money alone, must be numerous and preferably female, and while he works must do unusual things with their bodies. He must inhabit a gloomy, forbidding dwelling, and he should be of a scientific bent." Dr. H.H. Holmes "the Master of the Murder Castle possessed all these qualifications and more. Physician, student of hypnotism, dabbler in the occult, gentleman of fashion, devious liar and skillful manipulator of amazingly complex enterprises, he pyramided fraud upon fraud. Young, good-looking, glib, he mesmerized business men and captivated and seduced pretty young women, at least two of whom he married bigamously. Magnificent swindler, petty cheat, serial killer, and even mass murderer, Holmes was a terrible man of nimble, tortuous mind." Harper's Magazine



So join with me, if you dare, on a journey of horrible awakenings as I  recount a trip to a place few of us have ever been forced to experience.

The best deal in all of literature! The complete book for less than a reasonable cup of coffee, just enough to cover our costs, and at the same time doing our best saving the trees and forests while reducing global warming and climate change. Proud to call this one mine.

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